Passion for video & photography


Max Yuryev

My name is Max! I'm a tech enthusiast, filmmaker, photographer, and a bit of a nerd. I inherited my love of tech from my father and am lucky to have stumbled into the Youtube space which gives me a great reason to feed my tech needs (or maybe just desires) :) 

I started out making my first Youtube video about 4 years ago when I couldn't find a good review for some camera accessory (don't even remember which one anymore). I made a review video after purchasing and using it for a bit and it started to gain views, comments, and people started subscribing. I continued to make videos every once in a while since people liked them and were thanking me, and after a year I decided to get more serious with my content. 

My main goal is to give good, accurate, and honest advice no matter if brands get upset with me or anything else. Helping viewers make the best gear choices for them and offering suggestions on the best bang for the buck gear is what I love to do. 

On my free time I also enjoy learning about technology, gaming, reading (online) , and watching movies (of course). Alena, Noah, and Emily (and soon Elon) are a huge part of my life and drive me to keep growing and improving in everything that I do.